Pulitzer Prize Winner / New York Times Bestseller / Keynote Speaker

Jeffrey Marx

We invited Jeffrey Marx to speak at the U.S. Naval Academy because we use his book Season of Life in our leadership courses. As much as we've gotten out of the book, Marx is even better in person.

I can't thank Jeffrey enough for the way he challenged our community members to rethink our definition of success and to fill our lives with integrity, inclusion, empathy, and service to others. I have been overwhelmed with responses from people who were touched and inspired by his presentation.

Jeffrey Marx is one of those all too rare speakers whose words continue to resonate with both students and adults long after his time on campus. Months later, it is not uncommon to hear a reference to his passionate message about leading a life worth living.

As a community member, I really appreciated the presentations Jeffrey made to thousands of students in both our public and private schools. As a sponsor, I will always know that our money was more than well spent.

Jeffrey Marx speaks to audiences of up to thousands at a time and also conducts personalized workshops for much smaller groups. In the last few years, Marx has been the featured speaker for more than 100 events hosted by schools, corporations, community groups, and faith-based organizations. Corporate clients and sponsors have included: Nike, American Airlines, Texaco, BlueCross BlueShield, the Dallas Cowboys, E-LOAN, and Gap Inc.

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Most requested presentation: "This Thing we Call Success"

Marx focuses on the major themes in his New York Times bestseller Season of Life: building healthy relationships, building community, building leaders. He inspires audiences with a whole new definition of what it really means – really ought to mean – to be a successful man or woman in this world. Marx offers the power of a personal journey focused on concepts such as empathy, integrity, inclusion, justice, and living a life of service to others.

Also popular: "A Super Bowl Story for the Ages"

Drawing on material from his 2009 New York Times bestseller, The Long Snapper, Marx shares one of the most improbable and inspirational sports stories of our time ... and this "sports" story is filled with lessons for a lifetime. Focusing on the concepts of impact, integrity, and love, Marx helps us all explore the dramatic differences between success and significance.

A personal favorite: "Sister Never Gone"

What can we learn from a woman who struggled for years and died at the age of thirty-six? When the woman is Wendy Marx, we can learn how to live. She was Jeffrey Marx's only sister and best friend. She was a liver transplant recipient and dynamic leader in the public campaign for organ and tissue donation. When her brother talks about Wendy, her passion and purpose come back to life, and audience members are moved toward action in their own lives.